A brief summary of how and why her parents pronounce her name the way they do.

Al - muh

Alma's parents pronounce Alma with a southern twang putting the emphasis on the first syllable, much like the names below are pronounced. AL-vin, AL-ex, AL-fred, you get the idea.

Alvin Seville

Alex Skarsgard

Alfred Pennyworth

Jessica Alba

Alan Garner

Al of Al's Toy Barn

Alma Sands

We couldn't resist

Isn't Alma Spanish for "Soul"?

Yes, it is! And a happy coincidence indeed. Unfortunately, we are not Spanish nor was this the intention (but we love the translation!). Alma's namesake was actually born and raised in Southern Illinois. She is the great great grandmother of Alma Sands and her name is Alma Faye. Coincidentally, Alma Sands also has a paternal great great grandmother named Alma Guinn!

Alma Faye

Isn't Alma Mater Latin for "Nourishing Mother"?

Yes, it is! Although, I bet you will pronounce that phrase differently if you were to anthropomorphize the words.



Alma, Georgia

Meet the city of Alma, Georiga. I'll let the mayor tell you how they pronounce it.

Alma Sands

At the end of the day, we don't care how you pronounce Alma. Although, when Alma grows up she might correct you, so be on your guard!